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FD 505 - Foundations of Business

Offered to educators through the Chester County IU.

The goal of this course is to increase student achievement by providing school leaders with business competencies  in order to make positive impacts on school culture, teaching, and learning.  Research supports that when school leaders are given the tools, skills, and competencies to make strong fiscal and management decisions, create a strategic direction, use data-informed decision making and foster a culture of achievement, they can more effectively deal with complex daily issues, improve teaching and learning, and increase overall student success.

Through this course, participants will experience professional growth by examining their ability to make management and fiscal decision, build coalitions, strengthen their human capital, and make data-informed decisions in order to boost student learning and make systematic and strategic improvements within their schools and districts. Research provides evidence that when principals are applying their learning of CEO-centric skills including strategic problem solving, data-driven planning and decision making, and effective leadership and motivation,  the result is positive impacts on school culture, teaching, and learning, as well as marked improvements in state student assessment scores (Kohn, 2017).  School leaders who are trained in business competencies such as management, accounting, and marketing, can vastly improve their ability to lead people and change, drive results and strengthen increase overall student success.

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