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Tricia Bernecker, Ph.D., RN


Dr. Tricia Bernecker is a professor in the Division of Nursing. She has a background in a variety of patient care settings. Her clinical experience includes cardiac, medical/surgical intensive care, neurosurgical intensive care, and trauma.

Dr. Bernecker's teaching responsibilities include Nursing of the Acutely Ill Adult, clinical education of the undergraduate students, and Evidenced-Based Nursing on the graduate and doctoral level. She has experience teaching research, leadership, medical/surgical, gerontological, and critical care nursing. Dr. Bernecker teaches across all programs in the division. 

Dr. Bernecker received her BSN from West Chester University, her MSN from DeSales University as an adult advanced practice nurse, and her Ph.D. from Widener University. Dr. Bernecker has been published in the Global Journal of Health Sciences, and has developed a new research instrument to measure invulnerability in clinical healthcare.

“In the classroom and clinical practice, I teach nursing students to care for every individual as if they were a family member.”