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Bradley C. Barnhorst, CFA

Associate Professor, Chair of Finance Major and CFP Program Director

Bradley C. Barnhorst
Gambet Center 212

Bradley C. Barnhorst, chair of finance major and associate professor in the Division of Business, teaches corporate finance, investments, and portfolio management to undergraduate and MBA students. He received his MBA from The Pennsylvania State University and his BA from Harvard University. His years of industry experience include pricing, trading, and hedging equity derivatives and structured products at Bear Stearns. He is a member of the CFA Institute and is a CFA charter holder. 

Professor Barnhorst's research focuses on analysis of derivative pricing with a concentration on ETFs, behavioral finance effects in market microstructure, and reputation theory surrounding OTC market transactions. He has a special interest in technology in the classroom, and particularly in the use of computer simulations for immersive learning. 

Professor Barnhorst is also the co-author of textbook that was published in 2020, with DeSales associate professor Amy K. S. Scott, Ph.D., for Flat World Knowledge entitled Managerial Finance, with the latest edition published in March 2021.