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Aidin Amirshokoohi , Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Aidin Amirshokoohi is an Associate Professor of STEM Education in the Department of Education. He earned his teaching certification and Master of Arts in Teaching at the University of Iowa during which time he completed several teaching practicums in both elementary and secondary classroom settings, and then served as a public-school secondary science teacher for several years before pursuing his Ph.D. in science and environmental education at Indiana University Bloomington. Since then, Dr. Amirshokoohi has had over 15 years of experience working with undergraduate and graduate elementary and secondary education teacher candidates.

At DeSales University, Dr. Amirshokoohi is responsible for teaching a variety of courses each year including Science Methods, Mathematics Content and Method, Advanced Designing Instructions, Technology for Educators, STEM in the Elementary Classroom, and the graduate capstone research course. He also serves as the Secondary Education Program Advisor for students seeking secondary teaching certification in areas of science, math, history, English, etc.

Dr. Amirshokoohi’s primary research interests include the impact of inquiry-based teaching & learning, Environmental Education, and Science, Technology, Society (STS)—an interdisciplinary field and learning approach that focuses on teaching science in the context of controversial socio-scientific issues and involves applying K-12 STEM concepts to real-world societal situations. 

He has had numerous conference presentations and many peer-reviewed publications including “Impact of STS Issue Oriented Instruction on Pre-Service Elementary Teachers’ Views and Perceptions of Science, Technology, and Society” in International Journal of Environmental and Science Education (2016), “Preservice Teachers’ Level of Environmental Literacy and Views toward STS and STS-based Instruction" in International Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Learning (2018), “Putting Theory to Practice: Teaching the 5E Learning Cycle through Immersive Experiences for Pre-Service Teachers” in European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education (2020), and “Constructing Understanding in Mathematics Methods Course” in Teaching Children Mathematics (2020).