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Labs & Facilities

The technical standards for the DeSales University Physician Assistant Program have been established to ensure that students have the ability to demonstrate academic mastery, perform clinical skills, and communicate clinical information.

MSPAS Labs & Facilities

At DeSales, replicating authentic healthcare delivery environments is critical to successful learning and skills application.

You study and practice in state-of-the-art healthcare settings that emulate actual clinical facilities with your peers—other student healthcare colleagues.

The Area's Only Gross Anatomy Lab

Gross Anatomy Lab
Gross Anatomy Laboratory enhances the training of physician assistant students, giving them a real understanding of the human body. With DeSales having the only anatomy lab in the region, we offer opportunities for shared use in partnership with area hospitals. New donors are provided so that our PA students have first dissections.

Healthcare Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab
Patient simulation technology has come a long way in recent years, and DeSales University has invested in advanced technological simulators that allow students to perform various medical procedures while receiving real-time feedback in much the same way they would from a human patient. The simulators breathe, have a pulse, have eyes that dilate, and can react to various drugs. Our "sim lab" features four adult simulators, including one that gives birth to an infant simulator, and three pediatric simulators, including two babies and one 6-year-old.

Standardized Patient Area

standardized patient lab
The Gambet Center also features a Standardized Patient Area—a clinic-style suite that mimics a functioning healthcare office, complete with a waiting room and fully equipped examination rooms. Standardized patients are people who are specially trained to act as patients for the instruction, practice, and assessment of the medical examination skills of healthcare students.  

The Gambet Center

The facility features simulation laboratories to mirror clinical scenarios specific to adult, pediatric, and birthing care for undergraduate and graduate healthcare degree programs.  

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