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Secondary Education Accelerated Teacher Intern Certification, Certification


Looking to earn while you learn? DeSales is the only higher education institution in the Lehigh Valley approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to offer an accelerated, post-graduate program that lets you student teach while employed.

The Intern Certification Program qualifies those who have graduated with a baccalaureate degree in a field related to the future certification area for teaching positions in schools where vacancies cannot be filled by traditionally-prepared teachers.

An Intern Certification is a valid instructional certificate that entitles the intern to fill a full-time professional teaching position, with all the rights and privileges of a temporary professional employee in the area of the Intern Certificate for up to three years if continuously enrolled and active in the TIP program.  After the issuing of the intern certificate, you will continue in the program towards the awarding of your Instructional I certificate.

Earn Intern Certification leading to an Instructional I Certification in the following areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Communications
  • English
  • French
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish



Timeline for Program Completion

  • March 15 is the formal application for program acceptance due date
  • May: Enrollment in 15 credits of Pre-Intern Certification program in addition to an intensive field placement in a secondary summer school.
  • August: TIP Review Committee meets to verify candidates who are eligible for Intern Certification status; program affirms and recommends candidates
  • Late August: TIP Certified candidates may begin teaching in eligible placement
  • Fall: Enrollment in 9 credits including intensive intern field supervision course SC525
  • Spring: Enrollment in 12 credits including the Intern Practicum (student teaching) required for certification as Instructional 1 in eligible classroom setting
  • May: Upon successful completion of all requirements, candidate will be affirmed and recommended for Instructional I Certification
  • Summer/Fall: Certified teacher continues to complete the master’s program

Admissions Requirements

To apply for the Intern Certification, you must be officially accepted into the DeSales Intern Certificate Teacher Preparation Program and meet all requirements of the Pre-Certification phase, including successful course completion and Stage 1/2/ and 3 Fieldwork in a public school placement.

Eligibility for Intern Certification Enrollment

  • Baccalaureate degree in a subject area related to the certification sought
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 in undergraduate work

Pre-Admission Screening

  • Passing score on the Praxis II in the certification area sought prior to acceptance
  • Course Audit process to ensure course coverage in major areas
  • Demonstrated willingness to undertake intensive course work in education especially in the summer preceding the Intern Certification approval
  • Successful completion of the Intern Certificate interview with Education faculty and program liaison
  • PDE-determined background clearances completed in the current calendar year and record-clear
  • Likelihood of an eligible position offer in which to complete the student teaching phase of the Intern program*

* An offer of a teaching position is not a requirement for admission into the DeSales Teacher Intern Program, but it is a requirement for moving from the Pre-Certification Phase into the Intern Certification Phase. Candidates who are not able to secure an eligible position may continue with the traditional teacher certification program, including the completion of a traditional student teaching experience.



Course Sequence

Pre-Intern Certification Phase

Step 1: Take and pass the Praxis II in the Subject Area of Certification. 

Step 2: Enroll in requisite summer courses and intensive field experience. Achieve a grade of B or higher in each course.

Step 3: Demonstrate success in course work and field experiences. Apply on TIMS for Intern Certification. 

The TIP Review Committee will recommend and affirm successful candidates for Intern Certification. Those not yet ready for the Intern certification but who demonstrate an emerging ability to teach successfully may be granted entrance into Traditional Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program.

Intern Certification to Instructional I Phase

  • TIP Fall (Total of 9 credits)
  • TIP Spring (Total of 12 credits)
  • Summer (Total of 6 credits)

If all requirements for certification are met, candidates will be recommended and affirmed by DeSales University for Instructional I Certification at the completion of the program.

Optional Master’s Degree Completion

M.Ed. Degree Courses | 12 credits for degree

  • ED 528 Data Driving Assessment and Instruction | 3 credits
  • ED 504 Philosophy & Ethics in Education | 3 credits
  • ED 501 Educational Research | 3 credits
  • ED 600 Critical Issues and Research Seminar (Capstone Course) | 3 credits

Program Regulations

Intern Certification as Defined by PDE: The Intern certificate is a valid professional certificate that entitles the holder to fill a full-time professional teaching position. An Intern certificated individual is entitled to all rights and privileges of a temporary professional employee as defined by law. The current regulation states that a Teacher Intern certificate qualifies the holder to hold a full-time teaching position in the certification endorsement area in elementary and secondary schools of Pennsylvania.

The Teacher Intern certificate is issued for a period not to exceed three calendar years and qualifies the holder to perform all the duties, functions, and responsibilities of the certification area(s) for which it is endorsed. Its validity begins the month of issuance and lapses 36 months later whether or not the holder has been continuously employed on the Intern certificate by a public school.

This certificate can only be issued once, and under no circumstances can this certificate be renewed. The validity of the Teacher Intern certificate, whether issued for general education areas regularly endorsed on instructional certificates or for vocational education areas, is contingent upon (a) the holder rendering satisfactory service to the employing school entity, and (b) maintaining continuous enrollment and making satisfactory progress within an approved teacher intern program leading to issuance of the Instructional I certificate.

The Intern certificate is issued only for instructional areas; it is not applicable for professionals seeking certification as educational specialists, administrators, or supervisors.

TIP Intern Certificate Phase Requirements

(1) All courses must be completed with a B or higher in order to be issued an Intern Certificate and to progress into the Professional Phase.

(2) Enrollment must be continuous and follow the course plan in order to remain in good standing in the TIP program.

Obtaining an Intern Certificate

After the successful completion of Pre-Intern Certification phase course work, and with the recommendation of the Intern Program Review Committee, the candidate may apply for and be issued an Intern Certification if the candidate has obtained a teaching position or a firm offer of such and the program has received documentation of the offer.

PDE states: “When a candidate obtains a teaching position or a firm offer, the institution in which the Intern candidate is enrolled applies to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality for an Intern Certificate. After the Bureau verifies the candidate has received passing scores on the required Praxis Series tests, an Intern certificate is issued. The Intern candidate cannot teach without the Intern certificate.”

Eligible Intern Teaching Positions for Intern Certification

The offer of a position may fit into any of the following categories:

  • A teaching position (for example in a high-need area such as physics)
  • A long-term substitute position
  • A day-to-day substitute position with the likelihood of a long-term substitute position in the future in the area of certification (for a period of 14 weeks or greater)
  • A job offer in a parochial or private school**

The Intern Student Teaching Eligible Setting

The teaching position setting must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Student Teaching phase:

  • Instruction within a program that follows PDE Standards for Instruction
  • A consistent full-day instructional position on a schedule which will allow for a minimum of 64 days of intensive and uninterrupted supervision within a 20 mile radius of the university*
  • An instructional position in the area of certification sought
  • A mentor teacher who holds PDE certification in the subject area sought who is willing to mentor the Intern
  • District and principal approval in writing for completing the intern process at that location

*unless otherwise agreed upon in writing

** Candidate must complete Stage 3 field experience in a public school setting if student teaching will occur in a parochial or private school. 

The newly certified teacher may continue with the master’s degree course work within the span of seven years of starting the program. 

Course Requirements


Value-Added Features

Technology-Rich Curriculum: DeSales University Teacher Education has received a special designation from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for industry-leading technology integration in our teacher education programs.

Transferable Certification to Other States: Pennsylvania mandates rigorous, clear, teacher certification standards that make Pennsylvania certification easily transferable to other states. For additional detail on individual state certification requirements, refer to the state of choice.

'Flex' Classrooms: DeSales has 10 classrooms and four mobile units specifically configured for the 'Flex' class format, for both in-class and online students. The flex classrooms utilize additional video monitors and webcams to fully incorporate and engage online students into the live class session.

Education Resource Lab

Students of DeSales education programs benefit from having access to the Department of Education's Resource Lab. The Lab is a convenient space where students gather to discuss topics, research, study, and work together on group projects. All the resources needed — computers, art supplies, research library texts, and more — are available to assist education students with their academic pursuits

Tuition & Fees

Program Costs
  • Tuition/credit hour: $550
  • Application Fee: $50
  • Instructional Technology Fee: $10/credit included in tuition
  • Internship/Practicum Fee: $325
  • Student Teaching Fee: $650
  • Certificate Fee: $40
  • Graduation Fee: $120
  • Returned Check Service: $30 
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) fee – 30% of course tuition charge

Tuition Deferment

DeSales University offers graduate students the opportunity to defer payment of their tuition when they will be receiving reimbursement from their employer or when they are eligible to receive financial aid. A copy of your employer's tuition reimbursement policy must be forwarded to the Treasurer's Office and/or all necessary financial aid paperwork must be filed with the Financial Aid Office before tuition deferment is granted. 

Tuition deferment is a privilege given to graduate students at DeSales and can be revoked if this privilege is abused. Please note that you, as the student, are responsible for payment of your tuition balance in the event that your financial aid/loans or employer reimbursement is not received by the Treasurer's Office.

Tuition Reimbursement

When a student is eligible for tuition reimbursement from his/her employer, written evidence of eligibility is required. The student is responsible for requesting this reimbursement from his/her employer. In cases where reimbursement is contingent upon successful completion of the course(s) and the student either withdraws or does not achieve a grade sufficient to warrant maximum reimbursement, the student is ultimately responsible for payment for the course(s).

Refund on Withdrawal

A refund of tuition payments will be made to a student who withdraws from a course. In all cases, credits will be calculated from the date the student completed the official withdrawal form, and the rebate will be based on the schedule shown listed below. 

Refunds apply to tuition only. If a student is allowed to enroll by use of the deferred payment procedure, any funds due the University are immediately due and payable upon withdrawal.

Withdrawal during the add/drop period is 100% of tuition refunded. The schedule below is for withdrawal after the first class after the close of the add/drop period. 

Three-Credit Courses

  • Withdrawal after 1st class: 80% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal after 2nd class: 65% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal after 3rd class: 50% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal after 4th class: 25% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal after 5th class: No refund

Weekend and Accelerated Courses

  • No refund is made after the course has begun.

One-Credit Courses

  • No refund is made after the course has begun.

Online Learning at DeSales

Attending classes from an off-campus location can be an excellent option for many busy students. Distance education at DeSales encompasses everything from video conference courses to hybrid (a combination of in-class and online) to online courses. 

Blackboard Learn™ is our online learning system.

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