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Dramatic Literature, Bachelor's


Add a Dramatic Literature minor to your degree.

A minor consists of 6 courses and is indicated on your permanent record. 


A minor consists of 6 courses and is indicated on your permanent record.

  • Theatre 221
  • Theatre 222
  • Theatre 310
  • Theatre 332 or 331
  • Theatre 366.1, .2, .3
  • English 358 or 359

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As a DeSales Performing Arts major, you'll study your craft in some of the best facilities in the region.  

The Labuda Center 

is an award-winning, state-of-the-art venue that is home to:

  • Main Stage (473 seat proscenium/ thrust theatre)
  • Schubert Stage (187 seat black box theatre)
  • Studio Theatre (100 seat lab theatre)
  • Labuda dance studio
  • Costume and Scene Shops

The Iacocca Studio at the Labuda Center is a professional, high definition (HD) facility outfitted for multi-camera digital video and music production equipped with:

  • three cameras
  • digital switching
  • a programmable lighting system
  • an array of studio microphones
  • multi-track mixing and editing
  • a digital graphic effects system

The HVAC system in the Labuda Center has an enhanced filtration system set to provide fresh air throughout the entire building. Hand sanitation stations are available both in and around the theatres. To ensure safe distance between audience and actors, seating begins a minimum of 10 feet from the actors in the Main Stage Theatre, and 3 feet in the Schubert Theatre.

Brisson Studios

The TV/Film Studio at Brisson Hall contains:
  • 10 Avid and Final Cut Pro editing suites that are HD compatible
  • a production office equipped with computers
  • scriptwriting software
  • high-speed Internet access

The Brisson Dance Studio

  • features a Harlequin sprung marley floor for dancer comfort and safety
  • smartroom technology
  • ability to transform into a black box theatre for informal performances

Dorothy Day Center

In addition to being the heart of student life on campus, this location features

  • Four applied music teaching studios and practice rooms

The Air Products Theater

  • is a 60-seat projection theater/classroom used for lecture courses as well as a venue for screening student work

And, classrooms across campus are equipped with video and computer projection systems to enable close study of moving images.

DeSales Act1 Godspell 2018

Act 1 Performing Arts

Act 1 is DeSales University’s highly-acclaimed performing arts company featuring professional-caliber productions of plays and musicals, dance concerts and film festivals.

Each year we welcome another group of eager young artists, all drawn to DeSales to hone their craft and create art that will inspire and entertain. We offer enchanting and provocative stories that will — with the mere rise of a curtain — unlock the limitlessness of your imagination. 

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