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Fall Sabbatical Exploration: Oblique Strategies

by Angela Sigley Grossman, Associate Professor Sep 17, 2021
Angela Grossman September 2021 Sabbatical

During my sabbatical, I am conducting choreographic research by utilizing Oblique Strategies to create an evening-length work. 

Oblique Strategies were developed by musician Brian Eno and painter Peter Schmidt in 1975 as a deck of cards used as a method to promote and stimulate creative thinking. I’m investigating how a process not originally intended to be embodied can be used as the catalyst and process for physical choreographic work. I’ve been granted an academic residency this September at Modern Accord Depot, a unique arts residency space in the Hudson Valley. 

At DeSales, I teach two choreography-based courses and mentor students in their own creative processes every year, so researching novel ways of approaching choreography is vital for my work as an educator. I look forward to introducing my students to what I’ve found throughout the process and approaching my work with a new perspective.