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Act 120 Police Training

DeSales is proud to team up with the Allentown Police Academy to provide basic training for aspiring police officers. The academy tuition is included in the student’s regular spring tuition.

Criminal Justice and Homeland Security majors can be considered for acceptance in the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission Basic Training Program (MPOETC). MPOETC has a certified Pennsylvania Police Officer Training Academy at the Allentown Police Academy, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The Basic Training Course, as prescribed by Act 120, is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to begin their careers as police officers. The Act 120 course is required training for all Pennsylvania municipal police officers. The course hours and content are determined by MPOETC. Classes typically run from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, but those hours are subject to modification at the discretion of MPOETC and the Allentown Police Academy. The Basic Training Course is approximately 22 weeks and is subject to modification at the discretion of MPOETC and the Allentown Police Academy.

Upon successful completion of the police academy and after passing the certification examination administered by MPOETC, an individual will be eligible for certification and will be certified when they are employed by a municipal police department. If not hired within two years, the individual must successfully pass the certification examination again to be eligible for certification.

MPOETC sets the requirements for admittance into the police academy and the curriculum, and it determines students’ successful completion of the program. The curriculum and training academics, physical fitness, defensive tactics, first aid and CPR, basic firearms, and emergency vehicle operation.  MPOETC makes the final decision concerning any individual entering the police academy.  An applicant will be notified of MPOETC’s final decision during the fall semester of his/her senior year.  

Inaugural White Collar Crime Speaker Series Features Alum Melanie McGregor

by Karishma Modessa Apr 18, 2019

Melanie McGregor ’07 shined a light on preventing financial crimes at DeSales University’s first White Collar Crime Speaker Series. 

McGregor graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and currently works at Wells Fargo Bank as a financial crime consultant. She partners with the DEA, FBI, and NCIS to analyze financial statements, bank records, government databases, and other sources to identify fraud or other financial crimes. 

“We want to protect the customers and we don’t want them to lose their hard-earned money,” she said. 

She also encouraged students to be open-minded because there will be setbacks. After graduation, she planned on going into the police academy but a car accident derailed her plans, leading her to a career fighting white-collar crime instead. She also told students to never give up and to obtain as many internships as possible to allow them to get their foot in the door. 

“Sometimes knowing what you don’t like is as important as knowing what you do like.” 

 Melanie McGregor '07

The Accounting and Finance Club and the Criminal Justice Association sponsored the speech and plan to make it an annual event.