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College Ethics Bowl

Students from the Greater Lehigh Valley institutions are invited to participate in a business case study competition by presenting their solutions to an ethical dilemma before a panel of business executives who serve as judges.


Two to five students comprise an Ethics Bowl team. Team advisors are responsible for submitting the team applications by the specified deadline. There is no fee to participate.

Participation Guidelines

Round One: Each team will present to a panel of judges followed by a Q&A from the panel. The judging panels are randomly shuffled for each team to minimize bias and groupthink.  Finalist will be chosen to proceed to the final round.

Final Round: Finalists will be given a scenario related to the original case. The finalists will then present with a limited time to prepare a response, to the entire panel of judges, followed by a Q&A from the panel. At the conclusion of the presentations, the judges will deliberate and placement of the finalists' order will be announced.

Participating Judges

Thank you to the following executives who gave their time and knowledge to serve as judges for the 2018 Fleming Ethics Bowl Competition:

  • Dennis Abruzzi, Senior Vice President - Safety & Enterprise Solutions, Penske Logistics
  • Jim Devine, Director - HR & Ethics Compliance Officer, Olympus Corporation
  • Diane DiDonato, Manager - Loans & Accounting Operations, Deutsche Bank
  • Richard Jennings, Financial Advisor & VP - Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Patrick Lincoln, General Manager - Connoisseur Media North
  • Nicholas Moriello, Vice President - Consumer, Medicare & Government Affairs, Savoy
  • Sharon Scheirer, St. Luke’s Health Network
  • Shelbi R. Stoneback, Freelance Content Creator & Writer
  • Janet Whitehead, Senior Vice President - Assistant H.R. Director at Univest Corp.

For questions, please contact: 

Dr. Jeffrey Focht,