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Facilities Services

Facilities Services at DeSales University is comprised of Administration, Maintenance and Grounds, together with the Housekeeping and Custodial, organizational units supporting various needs.

The mission of the University's Campus Environment Directorate is...

To enrich the experience of campus life by preserving natural and engineered beauty; meeting the highest standards for cleanliness, maintenance, safety, and sustainability; promoting an enthusiasm for customer service; and establishing best practices through innovation and operations research.

Goals to accomplish the Mission

To provide our employees with the tools and training needed to execute their responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner in order to bring value to the University. We will measure our level of quality and effectiveness while seeking continuous improvement.

To attract, develop, and retain people who supports the University's mission and enable them to achieve their maximum potential.

To maintain a strong sense of financial awareness to meet or exceed commitments to the University, which will enable the University to sustain growth and longevity.