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Goal 2

Inspire Outstanding Employee Commitment.

DeSales will become a campus community that intentionally recognizes innovation, rewards achievement, and values inclusiveness to engage faculty and staff through recruitment, professional development, and programming.

  • Clearly articulate the student as the center of DeSales operations as being distinctively Salesian
  • Engage and communicate with DeSales employees in meaningful and impactful ways to create internal momentum for systemic change
  • Establish and nurture an innovative culture that promotes creativity, collaboration, agility, and calculated risk-taking. 
  • Create a diverse and inclusive environment where all internal DeSales stakeholders (admin, staff, faculty, students) develop an ability to work, learn and live together.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive plan for faculty and staff development and retention
  • Recognize the contributions of our faculty and staff by offering competitive total rewards for all employees.

Goal 3: Improve educational products and services

Employee Culture
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