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Contact the Salesian Center

Lore Anna McFadden, MBA, PMP
Director of Programs
610-282-1100 ext. 1244 & 1464

As the director of programs, Lore is responsible for all aspects of programming for the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture.

Rev. Alexander Pocetto, O.S.F.S., Ph.D.
Senior Salesian Scholar
610-282-1100 ext. 1234

As the resident scholar, Rev. Pocetto, a retired vice-president at DeSales University, coordinates research, publications, and presentations related to the legacy of Salesian spirituality at DeSales University.

The Center is also assisted by several work-study positions held by students on campus.

The direction of the Salesian Center's programs and activities is also facilitated through the advice of competent and committed persons serving on the following committees.

Salesian Center Advisors

  • Review Committee

    Comprised of faculty and staff at DeSales University, this committee provides ongoing evaluation of the programs and activities of the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture.

    In particular, the tasks of this committee include: determining admission to programs of the Salesian Center; selecting award winners for activities in the Salesian Center; and contributing to grant applications from the Salesian Center.

    The committee will meet to discuss the thesis applications during these times: 

    Current members include:
    • Dr. Thomas Craig, Assistant Professor, Division of Business
    • Dr. Boyce Jubilan - Associate Professor of Psychology, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    • Lore McFadden - Director of Programs, Salesian Center for Faith & Culture
    • Tom McNamara - Executive Director of Communications, Institutional Advancement
    • Gracia Perilli - Associate Director, Athletics
    • Lisa Plummer - Director of Research & Analysis, Institutional Research
    • Chad Serfass - Director of the DeSales Experience, Student Life
    • Natalie DiFeo - Nursing Instructor, Dept. of Nursing & Health
    • Derrick Wetzel - Dean of Enrollment Management