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Naming Opportunities

The work of the Salesian Center is made possible by financial support from donors in the form of ► Endowments.  Interest drawn from these specially-designated funds ensure that the programs and activities remain as on-going events in the life of DeSales University. 

Opportunities for naming programs or activities continue to exist.  Benefactors whose gifts and pledges meet the necessary funding levels become ► Benefactors of the Salesian Center and have their names permanently associated with our work.

Envisioned programs and activities that await benefactors include:

Morality Matters: $250,000 to initiate a semi-annual survey/polling process that will assess public opinion and education on ethical issues being debated in the public realm

Master Class Initiative: $150,000 to support a special topics learning experience in which visiting experts (scholars and/or practitioners) conduct a two-week seminar for students and also offer a major lecture in their area of expertise to the general public 

Religion in Research: $100,000 to support scholarly research projects by University faculty and/or students that explore the link between faith and culture in various areas of study

Ethics TV: $100,000 to initiate a regular television series in which ethical issues (in business, sport, law, media, or healthcare) are presented and discussed 

Salesian Seminar: $75,000 to support hosting internationally known experts in Salesian Spirituality for a discussion and presentation of recent research

Law & Society Seminar: $75,000 to support hosting nationally known experts to discuss matters of concern in the realm of law, government, and politics

Healthcare Forum: $50,000 to continue the annual dialogue series on Science and Religion in the field of bioethics 

Info-Ethics: $50,000 to initiate a new partnership venture in the realm of media & social communications (newspaper, radio, television, and film)

Center Valley Forum: $25,000 to continue a campus-wide discussion series on controversial matters of national concern

Florilége: A Journal: $25,000 to support the annual production of an electronic journal that reflects the interests and works of the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture

To discuss these new ventures or inquire about ways to support them, ► contact us.