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AUGUST 30, 2015

Below is the eigth of our 10-week series of postings in preparation for the World Meeting of Families and the visit of Pope Francis to the USA.  These are drawn from the preparatory catechesis under the title of LOVE IS OUR MISSION:  THE FAMILY FULLY ALIVE

#8 - A Home for the Wounded Heart

Many people, especially today, face painful situatinos resulting from poverty, disability, illness and addictions, unemployment, and the loneliness of advanced age.  But divorce and same-sex attraction impact the life of the family in different but powerful ways.  Christian families and networks of families should be sources of mercy, safety, friendship and support for those struggling with these issues.


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Fr. Thomas Dailey, OSFS 


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"A specific priority is the need to examine the predominant values and norms of modern society and culture in a Christian perspective, and the responsibility to try to communicate to society those ethical and religious principles which give full meaning to human life."

- Pope John Paul II
Ex corde Ecclesiae #33