DeSales Expands Scholarship Opportunity for Prospective Students

by Janelle Hill | Sep 16, 2016

DeSales Leadership Scholarship

DeSales Leadership Scholarship

DeSales University is once again offering prospective students the chance to win a full-tuition scholarship. Entries are currently being accepted for the Leadership Scholarship. This year, even more students have a chance to win. 

Six full-tuition scholarships are being awarded, one in each academic division plus exploratory studies. They’re offered to students who have shown outstanding leadership in high school, and who plan to continue developing those skills at DeSales. This is the third time the University is awarding the scholarships but only two winners have been chosen in previous years.

Amanda Becker, of Camp Hill, Pa., and Gabriella Bruno, of Swedesboro, N.J., won the scholarships last year and recently started their freshman year at DeSales. “It was a blessing and it’s been a dream come true,” says Becker, a medical studies major.

Bruno, a sports and exercise physiology major, actually got the call that she had won at school. She shared the good news with her teacher, guidance counselor, and parents. “It was just like a really exciting process. I felt like a huge burden lifted off my shoulders,” she says. “College is expensive no matter where you go and especially for me, I’m out of state, so it would have been even more expensive.” 

To qualify for the scholarship, prospective students must write an essay, up to 500 words, about their character and leadership experience using one of six traits, including courage, humanity, and justice. 

Becker focused her essay on humanity and drew on her experiences founding Squire Roses – the first club of its kind in Pennsylvania to bring religious and leadership qualities to girls in high school – and her time serving as a committee member for her school’s dance-a-THON, which raised money for pediatric cancer patients. 

Bruno, who served as class president, a three-sport athlete, and a student ambassador at her high school, wrote about transcendence. “To me, that basically means exceeding expectations,” she says. “I try everyday to exceed my personal expectations and the expectations of others. I thought that would be great to write about because I feel like through high school I just tried to go above and beyond in everything I did.”

For Becker, DeSales was her number one choice and being able to continue her Catholic education was extremely important. “I think in high school you have an image of who you want to be in your future,” she says. “Just stepping on this campus, I think you would be able to realize that DeSales offers so many opportunities to you, that they can help you become the person you want to be.”

Bruno had narrowed down her college search to DeSales and another school when her mom found out about the scholarship on the University’s website. Bruno applied and ended up winning. “Honestly, I would recommend every student to do it. You really have nothing to lose,” she says.

“Why not go for it,” Becker adds. “Yeah, it takes some time but it’s worth it. It’s an amazing opportunity.” 

Essays are currently being accepted for the class of 2021. All entries must be submitted by December 1, 2016. Finalists will be invited to interview with student life staff.

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