Priority Snow Paths

by Tom McNamara | Jan 21, 2015

DeSales U Snow Paths Map 

To assist campus pedestrians during snow events, a network of Priority Snow Paths have been established. (See the paths marked in orange above and clicking the image enlarges it.)

The Priority Snow Paths will be the first walks cleared during a snow event and every attempt will be made to keep those paths open while the snow is falling. Building entrances will be cleared on a prioritized basis with the highest priority going to entrances that lead to Priority Snow Paths.

Priority Snow Paths should be used both when the university is conducting normal operations and is closed due to weather conditions. Bright green signs indicating Priority Snow Paths are posted during the winter months to aid pedestrian's identification of the Priority Snow Paths.

The Priority Snow Paths will allow a person to get from any location on North Campus (Residence Halls) to any other location on South Campus (Academic and Dining). During a snow event, the University encourages the use of Priority Snow Paths and discourages the use of other, uncleared paths. The Priority Snow Paths on South Campus are designed to ease movement between academic buildings, dining facilities, and parking lots.

ADA access was a major factor in determining the Priority Snow Paths. The University endeavors to provide equal mobility access. Of necessity, stairs and routes with stairs have a lower priority than Priority Snow Paths.

All academic, administrative, athletic, and residence building entrances and fire lanes, will be cleared in order to facilitate emergency vehicle and first responder access to the buildings.

Parking lots which service faculty, staff, commuting students, and visitors receive priority attention (marked with a red "P" on the map). Residence Hall lots have a lower priority. Residents are encouraged to leave their cars in their assigned dormitory parking lot during snow events unless requested by DeSales University Police to do otherwise.

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