Hollywood Cinematographer to Adjudicate Student Film Festival

by Roseann Damico-Schatkowski | Mar 05, 2012

The Division of Performing Arts is pleased to announce the 12th annual Student Film Festival playing Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24 at 8:00 PM in the Main Stage of the Labuda Center for the Performing Arts on the DeSales University campus.

Featuring a world premiere slate of creative, intelligent, and entertaining student films produced by TV/Film students, the Student Film Festival is a two-hour program screening works written, directed, and produced by TV/Film majors ranging from short film and music videos to documentaries. This year’s festival showcases why the DeSales TV/Film program is considered the leader in media studies in the Lehigh Valley.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the TV/Film curriculum is that every semester, every student proposes projects they wish to work on as their practicum project. “Some students choose to write a script. Some choose to work as a director. Others choose to work as cinematographers and many choose to work as editors. And invariably, these students work together serving as the production team for one another’s original projects,” says John Bell, head of the Division of Performing Arts. “This is the essence of our program: get the equipment into the students’ hands and let them create. Much of the work featured on the film festival is the work the students have initiated in their practicum course.”

“In the past, professional adjudicators who judge the festival have called the work compelling and wonderfully experimental. Students have been praised for their commitment to established crafts of filmmaking but also for their vigorous exploration of new techniques. We take great pride in these rising young filmmakers,” says Bell.

Adjudicating this year’s festival will be Peter Stein, a professional cinematographer who has worked as the Director of Photography on over 50 feature films, TV movies, and documentaries, and who is a member of the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers and the Society for Photographic Education.

This year’s festival celebrates the fruits of the students’ yearlong labor as screenwriters, directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, dancers, and musicians. This year’s slate of witty, compelling, and powerful films competing for “Best in Show” and “Honorable Mention” awards includes:   

Vito Feber’s Punchline looks at the timeless opening line “So a guy walks into a bar…” Senior Danielle Sload’s Expressions is about ayoung artist who hopes to share with the world the beauty that she sees. All Grown Up, by Quinn Vaccarino, is a short poetic documentary revealing young people's feelings on growing up. From the university’s fall 2011 48-Hour Screendance challenge, Matt Pirrall’s Dividual is a screendance short combining entirely student created choreography,music, and unique editing to portray the struggle of the natural versus thetechnological and how the two can be reconciled through dance and film.

Senior TV/Film major Ryan Dellaquila’s Chatters of Folly features a group of professors who meet in the woods, in the dead of winter; to discuss something that could change the way they teach and view art. Katie Wallace’s Runner’s High examines the euphoric state of a runner, all without the workout.

Another World, a documentary by Drew Robinson, explores how dancers learn to create and live through physical expression. Kyle Bedell’s Looking Forward tells the story of Allen and Claire who must come to terms with the future of their relationship while trapped in a basement during an alien invasion,

Julie McCullough’s Repeat is a short documentary depicting life with an autistic family member. Dan Baster’s Dr. Seuss: Oncologist is about a woman who has trouble believing the news her doctor has just given her. In Mike Napoli’s Irregularities, when Evan decides to dig into some irregularities in his company's business accounts, he finds out his discovery may cost him his job or even his life.

Originally created for the 2011 Screendance Festival, Drew Robinson’s Escape Proposal explores the release of inhibition. In this case, interpretive dance during a business meeting. The expressive and formal worlds collide and the winner reminds us all of the facts of life. Senior Pete Pittaluga’s Getting Sauced tells the story of how a small college marketing project turns into a business opportunity when fresh college grads decide to take an experimental hot sauce and strive for the restaurant life after graduation.

Bonds, by filmmaker Danielle Sload, tells the story of a sister reaching out to her brother in order to show him that the bonds of family run deeper than the blood in their veins. Troy Righter’sThe Sign is a short about a man who, not believing in fortune cookies gets anunexpected surprise at a Chinese fast food restaurant. Cody Michaels’ Third Ave is about a young man who considers his past and what could have been. Vito Ferber’s Recess is a short film about a grade school argument being settled at recess.

Tom Diggs’ The Craftsman is a "fairy tale" of a powerful man with the ability to create anything. And Dan Baxter’s Junk Man is a short documentary about a retired banker named Ron Bucher who collects and recycles trash.

The DeSales University Student Film Festival takes place on the Main Stage of the Labuda Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24 at 8:00 PM Tickets prices are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. For more information, or to purchase tickets call the Labuda Center box office at 610-282-3192 or visit www.desales.edu/act1.

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