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Focht Inspires Learning in Nontraditional Ways

by Vanessa Williams | Apr 05, 2016

Listening to Dr. Jeff Focht speak about teaching, makes you want to run out and do it yourself. There’s a twinkle in his eye when speaks about what he calls his “dream job.”

Dr. Focht, Assistant Professor of Business and the Edward A. McCabe Chair of Business and Society at DeSales University, brings a unique perspective to teaching. Mentored by his favorite college professor, Focht has always heeded his advice-- “Just remember, Jeff, you don’t know (squat)!”

Repeating this mantra over the years might sound strange coming from a professor with a doctorate from U Penn, but Focht believes his job is not to profess, but instead coach and facilitate his classes.

“We learn from one another,” Dr. Focht says of his students. “I try to bring an authenticity to class. We challenge paradigms and engage in healthy debate.”

Frequent discussions and debates have been the “go to” pedagogical tools used to keep his technologically dependent students engaged in a typical face-to-face class. Another hallmark of Dr. Focht’s teaching style is take students into the field. Visiting businesses like Folett Corporation, Orasure, Ben Franklin Technology partners and others, enables his students to directly link textbook theory and learning principles to the real world.

As with most things, the proof of Dr. Focht’s teaching effectiveness is in the results - student responses tell the story:

* “I always leave Dr. Focht’s class inspired to be a better person and leader.”
* “Instead of seeming like “school,” Dr. Focht’s class was fun, * engaging and something I look forward to doing every day.”
* “Dr. Focht is very passionate about leadership, which makes him a very good instructor. His exuberance inspires classroom discussions that enhance the learning experience.”

Focht’s passion for lifelong learning is sure to inspire another generation of students, the way his favorite professor inspired him years ago.

“Life is short.” he says “If you haven’t challenged yourself for the better -as a result of my class - then I haven’t done my job,”

Overwhelming qualitative and quantitative feedback from Dr. Focht’s students clearly suggests that he has.

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