Criminal Justice

The criminal justice program at DeSales University explores the criminal justice system and its impact on society. 

Our program will teach you to contribute to society; encourage and promote your intellectual curiosity, scholarship and communication skills; and prepare you for employment opportunities, graduate school or law school.


Criminal Justice 
Developed to meet the needs of the student who has a general interest in the major and job or graduate school aspirations in law enforcement, the courts, or corrections.

Criminal Justice - Digital Forensics 
DeSales University is offering a unique and exciting opportunity for prospective criminal justice majors.  Starting in the Fall 2014 semester, a track in Digital Forensics will be offered for criminal justice majors to enhance their preparation for a future in law enforcement. The track will expose students to current cybercrime investigative techniques, proper methods for handling digital evidence, as well as hands-on experience with industry-accepted forensic tools currently being used by law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. 

Criminal Justice - Intelligence 
For students with an interest in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence information.  This track is of particular interest to those with career goals as intelligence investigators or analysts in the criminal justice and national security fields. 

Criminal Justice - Pre Law
For those who plan to pursue a career in the law, especially criminal law.

Criminal Justice - Rehabilitation 
For those who plan to pursue a career in the treatment and rehabilitation of offenders. This includes probation/parole, counselor positions in prisons and jails, treatment settings for adult and/or juveniles and related areas.


Internships are encouraged at DeSales University during the junior and senior years. They can be valuable learning experiences and can greatly assist the student in achieving career goals.

The following are some of the internship possibilities:

  • Allentown Police Department

  • Bethlehem Police Department

  • Bucks County Juvenile Probation

  • Consumer Protection

  • Emmaus Police Department

  • Kids Peace

  • Law Offices in the Lehigh Valley area

  • Lehigh County Adult Probation

  • Lehigh County District Attorney

  • Lehigh County Juvenile Probation

  • Lehigh County Pre-trial Services

  • Lehigh County Prison

  • Montgomery County Pennsylvania District Attorney's Office

  • New Jersey State Police

  • Northampton County District Attorney

  • Northampton County Prison

  • Pennsylvania State Attorney General's Office

  • United States Attorney's Office - EDPA

  • Valley Youth House

  • Weaversville ITU

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