University Parking

Our goal is to keep you informed of the rules and regulations regarding parking on campus, and to help enforce the same.

Register your vehicle to get a parking sticker

Parking permits are valid through December of the latest year printed on the permit. For example, 2013/2014 permits are valid through December of 2014. For returning students it is recommended that you register your vehicle at the start of every school year in August. If you changed residence halls, please apply for a new permit since the color of your permit will be different.

Permit cost per vehicle

  • Resident Students - $75.00
  • Non-Resident Students - $25.00

Students may apply for two permits online.

The operation and parking of vehicles on DeSales University property is a privilege​, not a right. All vehicles operated or parked on DSU property must display a current valid license plate and inspection sticker.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Call DeSales University Police

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