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Graduate Certificate in Executive Healthcare Leadership , Certificate


The certificate in Executive Healthcare Leadership will equip participants with the know-how to guide their organizations and teams through times of change, identify opportunities to bring value and improve healthcare outcomes for patients and populations. 

Today’s healthcare professionals do much more than practice medicine—they must also be fluent in business, finance and the rapidly evolving regulatory environment. In this certificate program, you will gain a deeper understanding of budgets, management best practices and healthcare regulations, all of which will help you lead successfully in a healthcare setting.

This certificate program is ideal for clinical and administrative staff working in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, private practices, insurance, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device manufacturing, and more.

We offer multiple start dates throughout the year with rolling admission. There are three 12-week terms in the fall, winter, and spring, one six-week term in the summer, two eight-week mid-term sessions in the fall and winter, and one 6-week mid-term session in the spring. You will learn from the same faculty as our top-ranked MBA program and receive the same personalized service that DeSales University’s MBA program is known for.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions for MBA certificates are on a rolling basis. 

Apply Online
Deadline: Rolling

Application Checklist

  • Completed application
  • Current resume
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities you attended
  • An undergraduate GPA of a 3.0 or higher from an accredited institution
    • GPAs below a 3.0 are considered on a case by case basis

Additional items for graduate certificates

  • Applicants should have earned a bachelor's degree
  • Applicants who have not earned a degree in a related field may still be eligible for admission based on professional experience and potential to succeed in the program


The Healthcare Management Certificate is a four-course (12 credit) customizable program that enables students to develop a set of skills that is appropriate to their role in the healthcare industry, their job needs, and their career aspirations. 

Early careerists may opt for courses that provide a better understanding of the healthcare system, the economics of health care, and the management of people and organizations. Students with significant experience in the healthcare industry may choose to update their skills or develop specific competencies with courses related to using big data to drive results, identifying, and managing costs, redesigning processes to deliver outcome improvements, and negotiating effectively with key stakeholders. Students work closely with our Academic Advisors to choose courses that best meet their unique needs.

The Graduate Certificate in in Executive Healthcare Leadership requires the following four, 3-credit courses:

Required, 3 Courses:

  • CR-507 Strategy and Leadership
  • HC-502 Fiscal Issues in Healthcare Systems Management
  • HC-504 Issues in Quality Management for Healthcare Systems

Required, 1 Elective

  • HC-501 Foundations in Healthcare Systems
  • HC-503 Legal Aspects of Health Systems Management
  • HC 505 Healthcare Payment Systems and Value Based Reimbursement
  • HC 506 Population Health
  • HC 507 Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Policy
  • HC 508 Management of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare Systems
  • HC 510 Special Topics in Healthcare Management (example: Healthcare Marketing)

Academic Catalog


The DeSales University Gambet Center includes state-of-the-art technology and equipment for Business education.

The second floor of the Center is home to the undergraduate business division and the MBA program. Through the Gambet Center, you'll have access to some of the most cutting-edge technologies and softwares, such as Financial Trading Systems (FTS): 

The Gambet Center is a showcase of green architecture featuring environmentally advanced design consistent with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Talen Trading Room at DeSales The Fainor Center for Financial Services is used by DeSales University business and finance students. State-of-the-art software simulates real-world market situations and portfolio management.

Tuition & Fees

Program Costs

  • Tuition/credit hour: $940*
  • Total Cost Grad Certificate (12 credits): $11,280
  • Total Cost Master's Degree (36 credits): $33,840**
  • Graduation Fee: $120
  • Returned Check Service: $30 

*Tuition/credit hours listed are for 2024-2025 academic year. Tuition and fees are reviewed each academic year and are subject to change with notice.
**Does not include Foundation Courses.

View a comprehensive list of financial aid forms and graduate program information sheets

DeSales University's is an approved training provider with the Pennsylvania state unemployment benefits TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) and WIA (Workforce Investment Act).

DeSales University participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program to aid in the education of our veterans.

Tuition Deferment

DeSales University offers graduate students the opportunity to defer payment of their tuition when they will be receiving reimbursement from their employer or when they are eligible to receive financial aid. A copy of your employer's tuition reimbursement policy must be forwarded to the Treasurer's Office and/or all necessary financial aid paperwork must be filed with the Financial Aid Office before tuition deferment is granted. 

Tuition deferment is a privilege given to graduate students at DeSales and can be revoked if this privilege is abused. Please note that you, as the student, are responsible for payment of your tuition balance in the event that your financial aid/loans or employer reimbursement is not received by the Treasurer's Office.

Tuition Reimbursement

When a student is eligible for tuition reimbursement from his/her employer, written evidence of eligibility is required. The student is responsible for requesting this reimbursement from his/her employer. In cases where reimbursement is contingent upon successful completion of the course(s) and the student either withdraws or does not achieve a grade sufficient to warrant maximum reimbursement, the student is ultimately responsible for payment for the course(s).

Refund on Withdrawal

A refund of tuition payments will be made to a student who withdraws from a course. In all cases, credits will be calculated from the date the student completed the official withdrawal form, and the rebate will be based on the schedule shown listed below. 

Refunds apply to tuition only. If a student is allowed to enroll by use of the deferred payment procedure, any funds due the University are immediately due and payable upon withdrawal.

Withdrawal during the add/drop period is 100% of tuition refunded. The schedule below is for withdrawal after the first class after the close of the add/drop period. 

  • Withdrawal after 1st class: 80% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal after 2nd class: 65% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal after 3rd class: 50% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal after 4th class: 25% of tuition refunded
  • Withdrawal after 5th class: No refund


acbsp accreditation

ACBSP Global Business Accreditation

Business Programs at DeSales University are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). 

Download DeSales ACBSP Self Study (pdf)

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