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DSU Navy serves as the grounding color for the primary palette. However, in order to bring out the personality of the school, it should be used in combination with the brighter, more energetic Warm Red and Light Blue that have been added to the palette. The high contrast achieved by the combination of these colors allows key messaging and elements to pop.

DSU Scarlet and the new Medium Blue play more of a supporting role. DSU Scarlet is used primarily in the full-color logo’s mark as well as in gradients over the Warm Red for a dramatic effect. Similarly, the Medium Blue may be used as a gradient over the Light Blue.

PLEASE NOTE: If your project is to be printed, use the Pantone colors or CMYK color breakouts ONLY. Pantone and CMYK built colors often appear different than RGB or Hex colors on screen. DO NOT use RGB or Hex colors on print projects. If your project is to be viewed on screen, use RGB values or Hex codes only.

DeSales Color Codes

Navy BlueLight BlueMedium Blue
DSU Navy
Pantone 295 C / Pantone 295 U
Hex: #002857
CMYKc (100, 57, 9, 52)
CMYKu (100, 68, 0, 21)
RGB (0, 40, 87)
Light Blue
Pantone 297 C / Pantone 297 U
Hex: #69C3E8
CMYKc (52, 0, 1, 0)
CMYKu (50, 0, 0, 0)
RGB (105, 195, 232)
Medium Blue
Pantone 285 C / Pantone 285 U
Hex: #0971CE
CMYKc (90, 48, 0, 0)
CMYKu (81, 46, 0, 0)
RGB (9, 113, 206)
Scarlet RedWarm Red 
DSU Scarlet
Pantone 200 C / Pantone 186 U
Hex: #C20F2F
CMYKc (3, 100, 70, 12)
CMYKu (0, 100, 75, 1)
RGB (194, 15, 47)
Warm Red
Pantone 2348 C / Pantone 2348 U
Hex: #F15A4F
CMYKc (0, 79, 64, 0)
CMYKu (0, 83, 78, 0)
RGB (241, 90, 79)


Contrast Compliance

Contrast compliance refers to a set of standards developed to enable low vision individuals to access information in digital media. Printed media does not need to follow the same guidelines.

The top combinations shown comprise all the background foreground color schemes that meet AA contrast compliance standards.

The bottom combinations shown comprise all the background foreground color schemes that meet AA contrast compliance standards ONLY if text is above 18pts. Reserve these combinations for headlines or similar instances.

Again, these rules apply to digital media only. They are not relevant in printed media.

Contrast Compliant Combinations

Navy and light bluenavy on whitemedium blue on white
scarlet red and white
light blue and navy bluenavy blue on whitemedium blue on whitescarlet red on white


Contrast Compliant Combinations Above 18pt text

warm red on navynavy blue on warm redwhite on warm red
warm red on white

Color Combinations

The revised color palette was created with flexibility in mind to allow for unique, eye-catching color combinations. However, in order to maintain brand cohesion, DSU Navy will almost always play a large role in the layout, with the exception of photo backgrounds. Being a dark navy, it will only show up on photos with significantly lighter portions. When working with a darker photo, stick with majority white text and use the warm red, light blue, or medium blue for small copy emphasis.

The primary combinations are as follows:

  • Warm red on navy blue
  • Navy blue on warm red
  • Light blue on navy blue
  • Navy blue on light blue