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Design & Visual Identity

The following sections provide guidelines around keeping your brand consistent throughout the website, as well as how to use these assets to ensure your site is fully accessible for all audiences.

The DeSales Logo

The DeSales University logo is BOTH the book/gothic church window icon (or "mark") and the words "DeSales University" (the "wordmark"). The mark captures the many features of the Catholic tradition. The book not only reminds us of the knowledge that is characteristic of a university but also relates to the great works written by St. Francis de Sales. He was named a doctor of the church because of these spiritual classics. Subtle visual metaphors include a flame, a bishop's miter, a priestly stole, and an implied human form with outstretched arms. The logo reflects the University's Catholic, humanistic philosophy while expressing ongoing commitment to higher education and the spirit of the mission of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane De Chantal.

Reproducing the Logo

The DeSales University logo has carefully crafted customized artwork and type. As such, the University requires that electronic files or camera-ready art must be used to create the logo for all forms of communication, signage, and vehicle graphics. Any attempt to re-create the art, type, or spacing and styling of the logo by desktop publishing or word processing will result in inconsistencies that will compromise the integrity of the logo.


When the logo is used in two colors, those two colors must always be the University‚Äôs red (Pantone 200) and blue (Pantone 295). The mark must be red and the wordmark must be blue. The logo can appear as one color, i.e., black, navy, red, green, etc., but BOTH the mark and the wordmark must be the same color.  Learn more about DeSales colors  

Logo Elements and Incorrect Logo Usages

There are only two configurations of the DeSales University logo. These elements must not be repositioned and may not be altered in any way. 

You may download the DeSales logos below

Please note: If you're unable to edit vector graphics (to create the optimized size and resolution for your project), please contact Thank you!