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Women’s History Month: Believe in the Power of Sisterhood

by Morgan Simpson ’22 Mar 21, 2022

Daralyse Lyons has 12 principles for promoting change. 

The local entrepreneur and host of the Demystifying Diversity podcast is dedicated to promoting equality for women of color. She brought her message — From Past to Present to Progress: Working Together to Create Systemic Change for Women of Color — to DeSales University in celebration of Women’s History Month. 

“I believe in the power of sisterhood,” said Lyons as she began to explain the 12 principles — honesty, hope, surrender, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, love, responsibility, discipline, awareness, and service.

Lyons detailed statistics regarding social inequities and brought to everyone’s attention that women of color are far more likely to work tirelessly for the financial benefit of someone else. They even end up living five years less than their white counterparts because of these inequities.

However, the theme of her presentation was not just about discussing the injustices, but how to come together as a society to make certain that they are no longer the normal, accepted standard. Consistent allyship is a crucial factor in ensuring this outcome. 

“What would happen if allyship was so high that equity actually became the easier path?” Lyons asked. 

Society also must be willing to take intentional action towards equity. Lyons stressed that allyship is not a one-size-fits-all kind of commitment, but it is worth the dedication and commitment. 

“We can’t ignore our differences. The inability to recognize and celebrate those differences is the problem we are facing. My hope is that we will come to be able to celebrate what makes us different. Social justice will be a birth right.” 

 Daralyse Lyons

After her presentation, Lyons fielded questions, and her answers proved that the principle of love was not only crucial for all allies to have, but always at the forefront of her mind and heart. Love bonds people together and is key in erasing the social injustices that women of color face, she said.