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An Incredible Experience: First-Year Students Volunteer with Outreach DeSales

by Janelle Hill Sep 8, 2021

Nearly two dozen first-year students came to campus early to help those in need. 

The students arrived on August 17 to take part in Outreach DeSales. They spent three days volunteering in the local community at different organizations, including the Sixth Street Shelter, Second Harvest Food Bank, the Salvation Army, and Feed the Children. 

Misha Javed ’25, a medical studies major who wants to become a physician assistant, calls the program a very rewarding experience.

“Not only was I tested on my Spanish-speaking skills, but I also got to hear from people of different backgrounds and help families that aren't as fortunate as we are,” Javed says.

“Making rewarding connections with other people and knowing that you made a positive change in someone's life was an honorable experience.” 

 Misha Javed ’25

Giving back is nothing new for Tatyannah Wiggins ’25, a biology major from Allentown, who has volunteered at blood drives and food banks in the past. She encourages future first-year students to take part in Outreach DeSales. 

“Just knowing that you can make an impact in somebody’s life, even if it’s just for one day, is an incredible experience,” Wiggins says. “You learn a lot and you meet some really cool people. We all got really close and we’re still friends now.”