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Mu Omicron Earns Showcase of Regional Excellence Award

by Paige Hawk Jul 5, 2021

Nursing students in Mu Omicron are no strangers to success. That’s why when the president of Sigma Theta Tau challenged them to infuse joy into everything they do, they stepped up to the plate, earning their chapter the Showcase of Regional Excellence Award.

“Mu Omicron chapter of Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society is a diverse collection of nurses. Members are inducted both at the student level as a result of their dedication to their studies and achievements in the classroom, as well as at the professional level for their work within their community or workplace as a nurse.” 

 Colleen Bolks, president of Mu Omicron and adjunct faculty coordinator, Division of Nursing.

This year, members of Mu Omicron “infused joy” by promoting awareness, balance and purpose, and co-creation with respect to their service to others. They exemplified these elements during activities throughout the year, including their annual Out of the Darkness Walk, which promotes awareness of mental health issues and suicide prevention. 

By collaborating with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) as well as colleges throughout the Lehigh Valley, Mu Omicron raised more than $48,000 for AFSP. The students’ work within the community combined with their ability to pivot during trying times contributed to their chapter’s now regionally recognized success. 

“The challenges of the pandemic helped our chapter to recognize the gift of technology …allowing our outreach to expand beyond in-person means,” notes Bolks. “As a result, our chapter will continue to incorporate these options into future events.”