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Faculty Alert: Films On Demand Discontinued Titles

by Katelyn Q. Manwiller Jun 7, 2021
Trexler Library

Twice a year, Films on Demand removes titles that have been discontinued from our subscription collection. Titles are only discontinued because producers have lost rights to distribute a title or find the material to be out of date. For a list of titles that will be removed from the collections by July 1, 2021, please see

Trexler Library has the option to purchase perpetual access to any of the titles listed (with the exception of titles indicated with NA). Included are lifetime usage for each title. Several of the most frequently used titles are available elsewhere through Academic Video Online or Internet Archive. This is noted next to the title. The deadline to purchase these titles is June 28, 2021. Any titles not purchased on or before this date will be permanently removed from our collection.

To request the purchase of eligible titles or for assistance in exploring alternative titles, contact Debbie Malone at