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Joseph Freemont: Provincial Medal of Honor Winner

by Janelle Hill Jun 1, 2021

Complete and utter shock. That’s what Joseph Freemont felt during Commencement hearing his name called as the winner of the Provincial Medal of Honor. 

After all of the diplomas were awarded, Brother Dan Wisniewski, OSFS, provost, presented Freemont with the honor. It’s awarded to the graduate who best exemplifies the spirit of St. Francis de Sales. 

“I am completely humbled and honored to have received the Provincial Medal of Honor. There are so many incredible and deserving peers that are worthy of this award, and I am truly grateful for all my mentors from the last four years that led me to be who I am today.”

 Joseph Freemont '21

Freemont also sang the National Anthem at the beginning of Commencement, and he served as executive president of the Student Government Association during his time at DeSales. 

He’s accepted a job as a financial advisor at MassMutual Greater Philadelphia, and he also recently started his own DJ business, providing entertainment services for weddings and other events. Freemont says his four years at DeSales have been the best of his life, and he’s learned that life isn’t always about the destination.

“The journey of getting there, who you meet, what you do, and how you do it is truly rewarding and leads to a fulfilling experience,” he says. “I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without my excellent mentors and friends that I met along my DeSales journey.”