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Trexler Tuesday: Finding Full Text

by Katelyn Q. Manwiller Mar 2, 2021
Trexler Library

Do you need help finding full text access to scholarly articles? Trexler Library is here to help! Our library databases are the best place to start because they have the most full text access. Library databases work as subscription services for academic journals, which are very expensive to subscribe to each year. To make it more affordable, databases include abstract only access to some journals. This lets you see the article and its description, without paying the thousands of dollars for the journal. When that happens, we can get you the article for free from another library using interlibrary loan.

For more on how to find full text, including our databases that are primarily full text, how to connect Google Scholar to the library holdings, and how to search our journal subscriptions, see our brief tutorial on Finding Full Text.

If you need more help, ask a librarian at