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ACCESS Program Adds New Data Analytics Tracks

by Janelle Hill Feb 16, 2021

The ACCESS program is making it easier than ever for students to specialize in data analytics. 

ACCESS has added data analytics tracks to its accounting, business administration, finance, management, marketing, and supply chain management majors.

“Upskilling is vital in an economy where firms are waking up to the reality that they must analyze their data, data from their market, and data about their customers. The digitization of the economy is going gangbusters, and people need to understand what it’s all about.” 

 Dr. Brennan Pursell, director of DeSales’ Applied AI program

The data analytics tracks consist of five courses in addition to the requirements of each major. Students will learn state-of-the-art software, produce a portfolio of signature work, and also get real-world experience working with an AI company, either in Silicon Valley or New York.

“If students are interested in this field, having this experience is going to be really beneficial,” says Michael Yergey, assistant dean of adult and continuing education. “There are additional courses. But a lot of our students have room for elective courses, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for them.” 

ACCESS students also have the option to complete a data analytics certificate, which was first offered last year and consists of five courses plus an elective. The Division of Business has already rolled out data analytics tracks in the undergraduate traditional day program, as well as tracks and a certificate in the graduate program. 

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