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Films on Demand Expiring Titles Notice

by Amy Manns Dec 10, 2020
Trexler Library

Twice a year, Trexler Library‚Äôs database, Films on Demand, provides a list of titles that have been discontinued from our subscription collection.  Below is a statement from the Films on Demand Acquisitions Department regarding the most frequent reason for a title discontinuation:

We license programs from production companies worldwide. Producers often have to license music and footage when they produce a program. These licenses run a certain number of years, e.g. 5, 7, and 10 years. When a license expires, producers have to either renew or stop all distribution and exploitation of the program. This is the reason why we have to discontinue programs when a producer sends us a discontinuation notification. Oftentimes, we have multiple programs on any given topic. We hope that you will find engaging replacements by performing a new search on our site.

For a list of titles that will be removed from the collections on or about December 31, 2020. please see

Trexler Library has the option to purchase perpetual access to any of the titles listed (except for titles indicated with NA). Included are lifetime usage for each title. The deadline to purchase these titles is December 31 2020. Any titles not purchased on or before this date will be permanently removed from our collection.

To request the purchase of eligible titles or for assistance in finding suitable replacements, please contact Amy Manns, Systems Librarian,