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Criminal Justice Majors Rank in 99th Percentile in National Exam

by Janelle Hill Nov 18, 2020

Criminal justice majors at DeSales have excelled yet again in a comprehensive national exam.  

The students scored in the 99th percentile on the Educational Testing Service Major Field Test in Criminal Justice last year.

The test, which DeSales first began using back in 2009, gauges students’ competency in seven key areas, including law enforcement, corrections, the court system, and critical thinking. Every criminal justice major is required to take it as part of the senior seminar class, which is taught by Dr. Jeff Clutter, assistant professor. 

“The test covers pretty much every major class that students are required to take in criminal justice. It gives us an idea of what they have retained and learned, and we also have the ability to compare ourselves to other institutions that participate.”

 Dr. Michelle Bolger, assistant professor

DeSales students have scored in the 99th percentile in three of the last four years. Bolger calls the results a testament to the students, to the broad and comprehensive curriculum, and to the instruction of that curriculum. She also credits the hands-on, scenario-based training that students receive—just one of the reasons why they are heavily recruited by local law enforcement. 

“We do require a lot of courses, which can seem overwhelming, but it gives you the full scope of the criminal justice system and it opens up more career opportunities,” says Bolger. “It might be rigorous but you’ll come out knowing what you need to know. We’re proud of that.”