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DeSales Celebrates Founders’ Day with Special Prayer Service

by Janelle Hill Oct 13, 2020

The DSU community is marking the 147th anniversary of the founding of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. 

Raymond Horchos ’21, a political science major, and Father James Greenfield, OSFS ’84, president of DeSales, reflected on the Oblates who’ve impacted them during a special Founders’ Day Prayer Service. 

Horchos recalled his four years as a student at Salesianum School, reciting Latin prayers and translating texts with Fr. Michael Connolly, OSFS. 

“Fr. Connolly called on us to bring out our unique perspectives, skills, offerings, and otherwise extraordinary observations. It was about embracing who we were, lifting our talents, and cultivating our personhood into the men we were destined to be as Salesian gentlemen.”

 Raymond Horchos ’21

Fr. Greenfield spoke of his days as a student at DeSales and the great impact that Fr. Bernard Donahue, OSFS, had on him. Fr. Greenfield recounted the two things he remembers most about his late mentor. 

“He always expected us to read the newspaper every day. When we came to class, even if it was something on political philosophy, he would always expect us to be ready with current events. He also made us read the entirety of the Federalist Papers.” 

You can watch the service in its entirety here.