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Physician Assistant Class of 2020 Honored for Resilience, Determination at Completion Ceremony

by Janelle Hill Sep 7, 2020

Members of the Physician Assistant Class of 2020 are leaving the classroom behind and ready to start their careers. 

Seventy-eight students received their white coats and certificates before taking the Physician Assistant Professional Oath during the PA program’s 22nd completion ceremony in the Gambet Center. Students wore masks and sat six feet apart, while family and friends watched from home via Zoom. 

“This is my absolute favorite day of the year here. One of the things that came to mind about you all, as well as our faculty and staff, is the word resilience. PA school is hard enough but then add a pandemic to it, it will give you the resilience to be able to handle anything that comes forward.” 

 Kathy Ehrhardt, assistant PA program director/academic coordinator

During the ceremony, the following students were inducted into the PAEA Pi Alpha Honor Society: Sarah Blum, Alyssa Buckley, Erin Crystal, Samantha Dubay, Emily Hanwell, Sarah Knop, Darby McCall, Meghan Paradise, Carrie Schroeder, Jordan Templeton, and Jennifer Weinpahl. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and the following award winners: Jennifer Weinpahl received the Medical Director Award; Emily Hanwell and Jennifer Weinpahl accepted the Clinical Medicine Award; Nathan Brown received the Dr. Karen Walton Award for Excellence in the Didactic Year; Samantha Moussa accepted the Fr. Peter Leonard, OSFS, Award for Excellence in the Clinical Year; Steven Laughran received the Self-Directed Learner Award; and Kathryn Fossaceca accepted the Program Director Award.