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Bobbie Morici Named AAPA Distinguished Fellow

by Janelle Hill Jul 23, 2020
Bobbie Morici - News

Bobbie Morici is joining an elite class of physician assistants.

The director of clinical education and assistant professor in the PA program has been named a distinguished fellow of the American Academy of PAs (AAPA). Fewer than two percent of AAPA members have earned the distinction, which recognizes the exceptional contributions of PAs. 

“I was actually looking on the AAPA site at the start of the pandemic to get some basic information about COVID, and I stumbled across the distinguished fellow and thought, ‘why don’t I just take a look at this and see if I’m even qualified,’” says Morici. 

She joins Kathy Ehrhardt, assistant program director/academic coordinator of the PA program, as an AAPA distinguished fellow. To earn the designation, applicants must demonstrate dedication in at least three of the five following categories: distinction in medical practice, education, research, or healthcare management; leadership in medicine and healthcare; professional involvement; commitment to lifelong learning; and community service. 

Morici graduated from DeSales’ PA program in 2005. Since then, she’s worked in internal medicine and has served as an educator at her alma mater for the past eight years. She’s also been published and has conducted research in PA education. For her, being a distinguished fellow helps to set a higher bar for her students. 

“If we can demonstrate as faculty that we’ve done things beyond just our day-to-day job and have participated in service, education, and publication, I think it sets a great example for our students and for the next generation of PAs that are going to take care of all of us one day.”