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Black Lives Matter Micro-Syllabus Available

by Katelyn Q. Manwiller Jun 8, 2020
Trexler Library

In light of the recent public outcry against police brutality and systemic racism, Taylor and Francis has made a Black Lives Matter micro-syllabus available for free download through August 31, 2020. These articles are presented by Politics, Groups, and Identities, the official journal of the Western Political Science Association.

“The syllabus includes discussions about the origins of Black Lives Matter and how this movement fits in the story of American Political Development. It also covers how the media and elected officials respond to protests around police violence. Additionally, this collection provides insight into how the public has responded to the shootings of unarmed African Americans and Black Lives Matter protests. Moving beyond a focus on the U.S. or the centering on the mind's eye prototypical victim of state-sponsored violence, this collection advances an intersectional analysis of socio-political responses to Black Lives Matter incidents in a broader context. This comprehensive set of essays on political activism, electoral representation, theory, social movements, and media studies offers readers a complex set of ways to understand today's socio-political happenings. The authors of these essays move beyond simplistic constructions of anti-Blackness or racism alone to provide compelling critiques of social and political inequalities that will continue to necessitate Black Lives Matters protests.”

Trexler Library will continue to share resources dedicated to understanding systemic racism and pursuing antiracist efforts in the coming days.