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Congratulations to this Year’s Service Excellence Award Winners and All Those Celebrating Service Anniversaries

by Mary Gotzon Feb 27, 2020

A long-standing DeSales tradition is to celebrate our colleagues who have contributed to the advance of our mission.

Each spring the University hosts the Service Excellence Dinner for staff members marking milestone work anniversaries. It is also an opportunity for us to thank them for sharing their gifts with the DeSales community. And, as a welcome to the University, we invite new colleagues and their guests. This year’s dinner will be held on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

One of the highlights of the evening is the presentation of two awards: Dave Teel, Senior Locksmith, was selected as the Support Staff Employee of the Year, and Wendy Krisak, Assistant Dean of Students for Wellness, was selected as the Professional Staff Employee of the Year. We congratulate Dave and Wendy and thank them for the valuable contributions they have made to the University over the years.

In addition to the Support Staff and Professional Staff employees of the year mentioned above, the following employees are celebrating service anniversaries:

Employee Service Anniversaries 2020

Five Year Anniversaries
Dr. Michael Beardsley, Dr. Michelle Bolger, Matthew Brancaccio, Tom Cobb, Nikki Corey, Dr. Thomas Craig, Sean Donchez, Dr. Lara Goudsouzian, Dr. Katherine Grasso, Lindsay Griffith, Christopher Hewatt, Patrick Jacoby, Dr. Christos Karagiannopoulos, John Kelly, Christopher Longcor, Lisa LoPiccolo, Jodie Morgan, William Peterson, Stephen Pierno, Greg Ridout, Susan Rogers, Dr. Barry Silver, Dr. Joshua Slee, and Karen Spano.

Ten Year Anniversaries
Lina Barbieri, Dr. Katrin Blamey, Kristin Eicholtz, Dr. Sara Hayik, Dr. Julie Himmelberger, John Lerch, Nicholas Luchko, Teresa Manion, Dr. Sarah Nytroe, and Bro. Joseph Schodowski, OSFS.

Fifteen Year Anniversaries
Randy Bajan, Dr. Martin Brett, Richard Fluck, Jaime Gerhart, Tammy Lippincott, Lore McFadden, Donna Mikol, Wayne Turney, Kathleen Vaught, Michele Zabinski, and Linda Zerbe.

Twenty Year Anniversaries
Amy Best, Dr. Christopher Cocozza, Mary Ann Falk, Deborah Malone, Dr. Francis Mayville, James Molchany, Dr. Richard Noll, Gracia Perilli, William Spigelmyer, and Michael Sweetana.

Twenty-five Year Anniversaries
Dr. Robert Blumenstein, Dr. Carol Gullo Mest, Thomas McNamara, and Susan Richter.

Thirty Year Anniversaries
Dr. Stephen Myers and Fred Richter.

Thirty-five Year Anniversary
Linda Savitz.

Please be sure to thank our colleagues for the valuable contributions they have made to the University during their tenures.

New Employees 2019-2020

And, we welcome new employees: 
Margaret Ayala, Colleen Bolks, John Burns, Elisabeth (Lisa) Cawley, Claudia Cintron, Dr. Carrie Ellis, Anna Gerdes, Mark German, Brendan Graham, Dr. Carl Hammarsten, Nichole Hartman, Tara Henry-Morrow, Dr. Jennifer Howanitz, Dr. Kelley Kenney, Dr. Karen Kent, Tyler Koch, Heather Kuhns, Francis Leo, Jr., Danielle Maffea, Barbara Markwalter, Brian McDermott, Margaret McGeehan, Brianna McGraw, Taylor McNeill, Emily McSparin, Dr. Ryan Mullaney, Mary Kate Nealis, Fr. Edward Ogden, OSFS, Dr. Caitlin Owens, Mary Pollard, Randy Ramos, Heather Raudenbush; Aubree Robitzer, Greg Rogers, Joshua Rose, Kyle Schumaker, Nancy Seier, Marco Stango, Adam Troxel, Rachel Turoscy, Daniel Villanti, Lori Warner, Richard Williams, Carolyn Woodward, Sara Wolke, and Deborah Zosky.