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DeSales Hosts First “Pie & AI” Artificial Intelligence Conference

by Janelle Hill Feb 21, 2020

Faculty members at DeSales put artificial intelligence under the microscope during the first of four Pie & AI conferences. 

The University has partnered with, an online educational platform founded by Andrew Ng, a world-famous authority on artificial intelligence, to bring the technology to companies in manufacturing, distribution, health care, agriculture, and other industries. 

“Change is afoot,” said Dr. Brennan Pursell, professor and director of DeSales’ Data Analytics-Applied AI program. “It’s in the air; it’s happening. This is a technology that’s here to stay.”

Participants enjoyed different varieties of pie while taking part in a poll using their smartphones. Pursell then busted some common AI myths, including that AI is a robot and will control your mind. 

Dr. Pranshu Gupta, associate professor of computer science, discussed what the future of AI could hold—think virtual spouses or virtual pets—while Dr. Joshua Schulz, assistant professor of philosophy, examined an AI failure involving a potentially sexist algorithm used by Apple. 

Future Pie & AI conferences will be held on April 30, September 3, and in October.