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Northampton Area High School Wins 2nd Annual Fleming High School Ethics Bowl Competition

by Janelle Hill Nov 20, 2019

Eleven teams from nine local high schools participated in this year's competition.

Students assumed the role of CEO of a company that recently patented an integrated microblogging/global positioning system (GPS) subscription service. To ensure the company’s long-term success, students had to decide whether to use the technology to help the government monitor and track citizens.

The judges selected four teams to advance to the final round, where each team was then given a “twist” related to the original case. 

For the second year in a row, Northampton Area High School won first place: A $2,500 cash prize split amongst the team. Members of the team will also receive a $2,500 scholarship annually for four years to attend DeSales.

Palisades High School took second place: A $1,500 cash prize divided amongst the team. 

Southern Lehigh High School earned third place: A $500 cash prize divided amongst the team.

Notre Dame High School rounded out the winners in fourth place: A $500 cash prize divided amongst the team. 

This year’s participating schools included William Allen High School, Building 21 Allentown, Emmaus High School, Northampton Area High School, Notre Dame High School, Palisades High School, Pleasant Valley High School, Saucon Valley High School, and Southern Lehigh High School. 

View more photos of this event at Flickr