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ACCESS Program Relaunching Education Major

by Janelle Hill Jul 10, 2019

Looking to begin a new career as a teacher? The ACCESS program at DeSales University is relaunching its early childhood elementary education major for adult students.

ACCESS is bringing back the PreK-4 education certification starting in the fall of 2019. It suspended the program several years ago after the state of Pennsylvania changed certification requirements. 

“It was a little bit chaotic,” says Dr. Katrin Blamey, chair of the education department. “We really had to figure out exactly what the new requirements were.”

The department recently conducted research and—with a strong economy and growing teacher shortage in Pennsylvania—felt that the time was right to reboot the program. 

“There’s a huge need right now for teachers, especially in the urban areas like Philadelphia. When you look at the data on how many certifications have been awarded in the state, the number has declined over the last 10 years dramatically.”

Dr. Katrin Blamey, chair of education department

To accommodate students’ schedules, all of the courses will be offered in the evening or online. Adult students will also have an advisor to answer any questions and to guide them through their time at DeSales.  

“It’s a great career opportunity,” says Michael Yergey, executive director of ACCESS. “It’s a schedule that would fit for most working adults and we will advise them every step of the way.”