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DeSales Welcomes Hundreds of Elementary Students for Environment Day

by Karishma Modessa '19 Apr 25, 2019

The natural science club and education majors welcomed close to 600 local elementary students to learn about the environment during the 18th annual Environment Day.  

“This event was held to make sure the elementary students and college students have fun and have a learning experience simultaneously,” says Lorita Moussa ’19, psychology major and president of the natural science club. “This teaches kids to take care of their home, planet, and each other for future generations.”

Students from 11 local elementary schools rotated around 24 different stations and took part in activities while learning about everything from recycling and endangered species to the layers of the earth. 

There were many different subjects that DeSales students taught the children, including chemistry, math, and biology. Chemistry students entertained with a volcano demonstration. Biology students taught the children about photosynthesis while allowing them to plant grass seeds in a cup of soil.  

“The elementary students can see the college students teaching and give them an insight within the STEM field,” says Morgan Fox ’20, vice president of the natural science club. “This is a very fun way to inform the children about the environment as well as keeping their minds open and trying new things.”