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High School Students Learn to Resolve Global Differences at DeSales’ Model UN

by Karishma Modessa Apr 18, 2019

More than 200 high school students from the tri-state area went head to head in the DeSales University Model United Nations Competition.

The theme of this year’s conference focused on globalization. Dr. David Gilfoil, vice president of marketing, served as guest speaker. His main focus was on globalization as a whole and the importance of international commerce.

Participants were all high school students, while DeSales students ran the board of committee. The chair ran the meetings and called on speakers to make their motions and statements, the co-chair took notes, and the runners ran notes from "country" to "country." 

Within DeSales’ Model UN club, students are able to practice debates, write resolutions, handle crises, and practice role-playing as different countries. The main goal is to provide an opportunity for any student to learn about international relations, countries, and themselves as individuals.

“The club benefits anyone in any major who is interested in learning and building their skills,” says Darby Keller, Model UN president. “You are able to learn both about yourself and participate in a club that can build skills such as public speaking, policy making, leadership, and teamwork.”