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Self-Defense Class Held at DeSales University

by David Oblas Nov 28, 2018

My name is Chuck Glass. I am the owner and head instructor at reality martial arts.

We're here at DeSale today to demonstrate a self-defense seminar in different

techniques that help you in case you're being assaulted or attacked

or hurt by somebody else. So we had a lot of good technique today,

had a good group. Hope that people actually learned a few things. Looked

like they had fun. It was supposed to be a two-hour seminar, we're here for three.

I could do it all day. Definitely very important, not just for anyone in the

community but especially for college and high school kids school kids to be aware

of self-defense.

Earlier this month, students at DeSales took part in an interactive seminar to become more aware of self-defense techniques.

Chuck Glass, owner and head instructor of the Quakertown based Reality Martial Arts, was on campus demonstrating helpful techniques that can be used if you are being attacked or assaulted.

“It’s definitely very important,” says Glass, “not just for anyone in the community, but especially for college or high school kids, school kids, to be aware of self defense.”