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Facebook Recruits at DeSales University

by Janelle Hill Oct 11, 2018
Facebook visits DeSales

When Facebook recently looked to recruit students in the Lehigh Valley, the social networking giant chose just two universities. DeSales was one of them. 

On September 12, two representatives from Facebook in Menlo Park, California visited campus and interviewed nine students with computer science, mathematics, and business backgrounds. 

“They were interested in recruiting DSU students for very technical internship and full-time job opportunities as a data science/engineer in analytics,” says Melanie Vallone, assistant director of employer and alumni relations, who was first contacted by Facebook. 

Vallone worked with the mathematics/computer science department and the business division to get the word out to students, who then submitted resumes.

“All applicants worked very quickly and diligently with the Career Development Center to specialize their resumes for Facebook, practice interview skills by conducting mock interviews, and came dressed to impress by attending Suit-Up DSU prior to the interviews.” 

Once on campus, the Facebook representatives also took time to meet with faculty and staff. 

“We invited them to stay for lunch so that faculty and staff could get a better idea of what the employer is looking for in terms of technical skill and the current curriculum,” says Vallone. 

Facebook could be back in Center Valley this spring to continue recruitment efforts. Students who earn a coveted internship in Seattle or the San Francisco Bay Area can look forward to a number of perks, including free housing, transportation, and food.