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Goodbye, DEIT. Hello, CERT.

by Janelle Hill Sep 9, 2019

A new semester is bringing a new name for the Distance Education and Instructional Technology (DEIT) department.

DEIT is officially changing its name to the Center for Educational Resources and Technology (CERT). The move is to help cut down on any confusion among faculty members. 

“Distance education implied that the only faculty members we supported were involved in online courses, which is not the case,” says Dr. Eric Hagan, director of CERT. “We wanted faculty to know that we support all of them, whether it’s traditional day, ACCESS, or graduate.” 

The name DEIT also created some confusion among new students, with some mistaking it for the Information Technology (IT) department. CERT’s specialty is general-purpose technology that’s used in teaching and training faculty members on how to use that technology. 

“We’re supporting the faculty and ultimately helping students meet their learning objectives. It’s not technology for technology’s sake but technology for a good purpose.” 

Dr. Eric Hagan, director of CERT

The academic affairs staff and administration provided feedback in the name selection process, and full-time faculty members were also surveyed. CERT will remain in Dooling Hall room 40 and can still be reached at extension 2290.