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The Kamran Afshar Data Analytics Center

A professional collaboration of students, faculty, and client partners who transform large amounts of data into meaningful information.

Meet Dr. Kamran Afshar and learn why businesses and companies rely on KADAC.


Anyone looking to expand, understand competitive forces, or simply learn more about their customers can benefit from the services and experience of the Kamran Afshar Data Analytics Center.

We have a multitude of experience in solving problems and discovering opportunities for a breadth of industries, including financial institutions and retailers, manufacturers and large distributors, real estate developers, hospitals, municipalities, the transportation industry, and more.

Got a challenge for KADAC? — We’d love to hear from you!

About the KADAC

  • About the Kamran Afshar Data Analytics Center

    The Kamran Afshar Data Analytics Center at DeSales University (KADAC) is a partnership between DeSales University and Dr. Kamran Afshar to provide consulting services in data analytics as it relates to market research, customer satisfaction surveys, supply chain, risk analysis, and economic analysis. The Center’s abilities are greatly enhanced with the help of faculty from the division of business, health, mathematics, and social sciences. Student interns at the Center have the opportunity to participate in real-life research under the guidance of Dr. Afshar and select University professors.

    Our research projects are designed and conducted within a rigorous scientific framework and an overriding requirement to have direct business application. Often multiple Ph.D.s are involved in key research projects. 

    Student participation in the Center’s research provides a learning experience they can’t get in the classroom - enabling them to hit the ground running when they graduate and join the workforce.  Student participation also provides a significant break in the cost of projects for our clients since most of the time-consuming work is done by students. Student experience at KADAC also accelerates their learning process which shortens the learning curve when they ultimately land their first job.

    Our clients receive the detailed information and insightful analysis they need to guide strategic planning and key corporate decision-making.


  • Why KADAC?

    As a client, you’ll receive just the right information and insightful analysis needed to guide strategic planning and managerial decision-making. Led by Dr. Afshar,  our client-focused team of Ph.D.s and student interns from marketing, economics, healthcare, political science, and other academic disciplines will work to exceed your business requirements and quickly turn you into a repeat customer.

    • Kamran Afshar has been providing professional analytical services to corporations and organizations since 1988.
    • We specialize in market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and economic analysis.
    • We provide insightful analysis that will guide and inform your strategic planning and decision making. Our applied insight turns potential and existing customers into raving fans.
    • The key differentiator from our competitors is a rigorous scientific framework that our Ph.D.'s employ on all research projects.
    • We cater to financial institutions/services, retailers (bricks and mortar and e-commerce), manufacturers and large distributors, real estate developers, hospitals, municipalities, and the transportation industry.
  • Solutions

    KADAC research initiatives are designed and conducted by PhD's in accordance with technical and analytical requirements. We provide results with scientific accuracy and statistical significance.

    • Competitive analysis / Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Market Development
    • Product Development
    • Advertising Effectiveness (Brand, Image, and Awareness)
    • Custom Specialized Services

    Research Vehicles

    • Multi-Media
    • Smart Devices
    • Internet / WebsitesEmail
    • Mail
    • Telephone
  • Market Research

    KADAC conducts scientific market research surveys and analysis of different markets. We focus on surveys that provide you with information that is vital to the planning of market strategies. Action-oriented surveys directly provide the client with a set of short and long-term recommendations.

    Market research is basic research with an overriding requirement to have direct business application. For research to be of any use it should follow a laborious, narrowly defined scientific methodology. Otherwise, the results could be useless or, worse, wrong.

    An effective market research project is composed of two separate segments: the scientific and technical research segment, and the applied and business-oriented segment.

    We make sure that surveys are designed and conducted in accordance with technical and analytical requirements to provide you with results which have scientific accuracy and statistical significance. We usually assign more than one Ph.D. to each survey, at least during the early stages of design and development.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is an index developed to quantify the level of customer satisfaction with each aspect of a service and/or sales-oriented business. This index directly measures the degree of customer comfort with each section/department of an operation.

    The survey thus provides an excellent diagnostic tool for the management to see problems coming well before they become visible, as well as seeing how their customers truly view them. It is also an excellent gauge in quantifying the effects of different programs.

    Another benefit of CSI is to provide a rallying point of members of each section/department to improve their index as compared to other sections/departments and their previous performance. The index is designed to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line.

    One of many issues which are discovered through the CSI is how customers rank the performance of issues important to them. The Importance vs. Performance graph is one of many tools which identifies how customers rate the company's performance on issues of importance to them.

    Customer satisfaction surveys provide a variety of specific information for businesses. For example; do you know how your customers feel about your service personnel? Or what do your customers think about your prices? Or for that matter, are your customers going to buy from you again should the need arise.

    Customer satisfaction surveys answer these questions and more.

    Customer satisfaction is directly related to repeat business. CSI identifies individual factors which directly impact customer satisfaction, and performance of individual departments. The Time Trend graph shows the performance of individual departments over time from the point of view of the customers. It also shows how satisfaction with each department relates to the overall satisfaction with the company. This will provide management with a focused and effective way of improving customer satisfaction and thus the bottom line.

  • Clients

    Kamran Afshar has a long history serving a variety of multi-national, national and regional corporations, including but not limited to:

    • All State Legal
    • Allegiance Bank
    • Allentown Osteopathic M.C.
    • Alpha Shirt Company
    • Bell and Howell
    • Borough of Fountain Hill
    • Cellular One
    • Chadwick Telephone
    • City of Allentown
    • CompTel
    • County of Lehigh
    • County of Northampton
    • East Penn Bank
    • First Fidelity
    • Gertrude Hawk Chocolate
    • KNBT
    • Lafayette Ambassador Bank
    • LANTA
    • Lehigh Cement
    • Lehigh University
    • Lehigh Valley Bank
    • Lucent Technologies
    • LVI Airport
    • Mack Trucks, Inc.
    • Mantas, Inc.
    • Mauch Chunk Trust Co.
    • Musikfest
    • National Penn Bank
    • Nazareth National Bank
    • Paragon Technologies
    • St. Luke's Hospital
    • The Morning Call
    • Trans-Bridge
    • UGI
    • WFMZ-TV69
    • WLVT-TV39

“This partnership benefits business clients, students, the extended Lehigh Valley community, local government bodies, and others. The data analytics field is not limited to one functional discipline; we are only limited by our imagination.”

— Dr. Kamran Afshar 

The KADAC Gang

Select students have an unparalleled opportunity to learn real-world skills through carefully observed contribution to KADAC work. It's an experience they simply can’t get in the classroom —  our student workers are ready to hit the ground running when they graduate and join the workforce.  Student participation also provides a significant break in the cost of projects for our clients.
Four of the Kamran Afshar Data Analytics Center Student Helpers
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