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Mask Protocol Update

by Gerard J. Joyce, Ph.D. Executive Vice President Mar 1, 2022

Dear University Community,

Beginning tomorrow, March 2, 2022, DeSales University will move to a mask-optional protocol for all students, employees, and visitors.  Thus, individuals will no longer be required to wear a face covering when indoors.  Of course, anyone is free to continue to use a mask, if preferred.

Evaluating our University’s COVID-19 protocols, our COVID-19 mitigation team carefully considers the expertise of the CDC and other health officials, in addition to the unique circumstances relative to our community and campus.  With this decision, the team carefully reviewed the recent CDC recommendations and the current levels of transmission and hospitalization among our surrounding communities.

We ask that community members continue to wear a mask and get tested if they are demonstrating symptoms of COVID-19.  This will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 so that our infection rates do not require reinstating strict COVID-19 mitigation efforts.  Furthermore, we reiterate that taking the COVID-19 vaccination and booster is the most effective way to prevent serious illness or hospitalization due to COVID-19.

As a community bound by Salesian solidarity, let us respect each other’s decision whether to mask.  We remain committed to following the research and recommendations from the CDC and other health officials as we continue to monitor our response to this virus. Masking protocols are subject to change as new data from the CDC emerges.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Gerard J. Joyce, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President