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DeSales University Mask Update

by Gerard J. Joyce Ph.D., Executive Vice President, COVID-19 Liaison Jun 23, 2021

Dear University Community,

In May, Pennsylvania’s Acting Secretary of Health announced that the PA mask mandate will be lifted no later than June 28, 2021. As we near this noteworthy date, you may be wondering how this decision will affect the DeSales University community.

At this time, we will adhere to the Pennsylvania State Government’s guidance by also expiring our mask mandate on June 28, 2021. This means that all members of the DSU community and beyond, regardless of vaccination status, will no longer be required to wear a mask on campus

While we are making strides towards returning to a normal collegiate experience, we must continue to acknowledge the risks posed by COVID-19, and our role in preventing its circulation.

We encourage you to practice mitigation efforts such as frequently washing your hands, avoiding crowds, and staying home when sick. Also, in keeping with our core value of gentleness, we ask that as a community we are respectful of each other’s personal decision to mask or not. 

Gerard J. Joyce Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
COVID-19 Liaison