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Report a Violation

Students, employees and others can raise concerns and make reports of discrimination without fear of reprisal or retaliation.

Title IX Complaint / Report

DeSales University encourages all individuals to report any instance of sex discrimination involving any DSU student, staff or faculty. DeSales is committed to fostering a safe community for all. Please use this form to make a report of sex discrimination.

The University has a responsibility to investigate reports of sex discrimination. At the discretion of the University, an accused party may be contacted and University judicial procedures could occur. Support and resources will be provided to all individuals named in the incident.

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Involved Parties: Please list identity of any individuals involved in this complaint (excluding yourself). If known, please provide contact information for the individuals named.

If multiple parties are involved, please use the 'additional identification' text box to provide information.

If no identification information is known, please provide information that may lead to the person's identification, such as a physical description, connection to DSU, those with whom the person associates.

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Have you read the DSU Title IX policy, 'Keeping Our Campus Safe'? If not, please visit

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By clicking the submit button below, this report will be automatically sent to DeSales University's Title IX professionals, Title IX Coordinator Andy Auguste, and Deputy Title IX Coordinator Gracia Perilli.

If you have additional information, questions, or concerns, please contact them.

Andy Auguste, Title IX Coordinator
Director of Residence Life
Dorothy Day Student Union, Room 124
610-282-1100 x1411

Gracia Perilli, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Associate Director of Athletics/SWA
Billera Hall, Room 101A
610-282-1100 x1218